Anambra State Elections 2014. Anambra State for Sale?

The legions of posters littered all around the market city of Onitsha and the countless political support clubs and forums springing up all around the state is just the of the iceberg that which the intrigues and political gimmicks unfolding in Anambra State as the governorship election slated for next year, 2014 heats up.

The list of Contenders and pretenders that have and are still declaring their ambition to rule the state is growing longer everyday with each of them employing their unique strategy of convincing the electorate that they are the best,even when their antecedents indicate the contrary.

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Their strategies include throwing money at the poor masses. And the people obviously doesn't want to miss the opportunity of grabbing as much money as possible not withstanding the source of the money. Some contenders wealth are seemingly ill gotten. Some of them cannot even manage their private businesses and owe their employees millions of naira in unpaid salaries and allowances. Some were political office holders at one time or the other in the past and performed abysmally poor. The state government too is also busy clearing the ground to ensure apparently, that the governor's anointed one succeeds him.

Now that brings us back to the question "Is Anambra State for Sale?"

This article was conceived after witnessing the gathering of such political support group today at Building Materials International Market, Ogidi. One of the many markets littered all around the Onitsha. The gathering was simple a forum of young business men (traders) discussing who amongst the candidates pays more and how to get a cut from the money being thrown around. The height was when one young trader boastfully claimed to be a card carrying member of 3 political parties so as not to lose out irrespective of the direction the blessing is flowing from.

Such gathering and trends I'm sure can be found in other nooks and crannies of the state.