As NYSC Batch B leaves Camp, Batch C Prepares

On 25th June, 2013, Graduates from all the institutions of higher learning around the country we're admitted into the various NYSC Camps in the 36 states of the federation for a 3 weeks compulsory camping exercise that marks the beginning of the NYSC service year. 3 weeks later, on the 16th of July, 2013, they have completed the camping exercise and are due to leave camp to their various places of primary assignment (PPA).

"Camp was fun" explained a corper posted to anambra state. Meeting other graduates from different places. A place where everyone are equal irrespective of background and affiliations. But waking up at 4.30 in the morning, the early morning drills, the tasteless food, the dilapidated facilities are quite some low point of the camping experience. Camp offers Young graduates an opportunity to experience all aspect of the Nigerian culture at once.

The tension and anxiety at the end of camping is similar to what you feel when you are heading to collect your NYSC call up letters. Just like with the call up letters, Some persons will be posted to beautiful cities and area, while some others will be posted to remote villages. But whichever be the case, the clarion call must be answered. Someone has to go that remote village, those children from that remote village needs a corper teacher.

Now that the Batch B Corpers are out of camp, prospective batch C corpers can start preparing. Hoping that their institutions sort out the problems that prevented them from making batch A and B. Maybe it was the school calendar, the Quota or some other problem like missing results and stuffs like that. Now is the time to start sorting them out if you don't wanna miss November Batch C.