Betty, Ethiopia representative to BBA might spend 6 years in Prison for being Intimate in Public

Hey, do you remember Betty from BBA the chase? The beautiful girl from Ethiopia that 'dated' Sierra leon's Bolt? Well she might be in trouble as a group of lawyers in her country Ethiopia are threatening to sue her. What for?

Well, in Ethiopia, it's against the law to be intimate in public and according to these lawyers, Betty was super intimate with bolt in a super public environment (BBA). As all the world were watching her and her BBA sweetheart Bolt.

If Betty is eventually convicted, she'll face up to 6 years imprisonment. But I honestly don't think she'll be convicted since her intimacy with Bolt was in a bed in a room in a house. I bet her lawyers will argue that (I'm not a lawyer though).

Betty have faced nationwide condemnation from all of her country, Ethiopia for the way she comported herself in the BBA house.

I really don't her to go to prison ***sobs***