'Credo in unum' Nigeria (I believe in Nigeria)

<p>Credo in unum deum!!! My Catholic folks will be familiar with this Latin phrase which is the first line in the Catholic creed and it simply means I believe in one God. Credo in unum Nigeria is supposed to mean 'i believe in one Nigeria' (I hope the Latin is correct tho).</p>
<p>'One Nigeria' is an endangered statement. A statement whose truth value is on the decrease every passing day in Nigeria as the crack of ethnic and religious divide that led to the 1967 to 1970 Nigeria civil war still threatens the survival of the entity called Nigeria. With Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) and the terror group, Boko Haram holding sway in the northern part of the country. Afenifere and a more radical Oodua people's congress in the south west, Ohaneze ndigbo and Movement for the actualization of the sovereign state of biafra (MASSOB) in the south east. The Niger Delta isn't left out with the numerous militants and socio political association littered all over the place. </p>
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<p>All these groups have one common goal; the progress and advancement of their regions and that interpreted to a more troubled and divided Nigeria. Wanting the progress of their people isn't the problem actually. The problem is the way these groups go about it; by stressing on how we are different. How each and every tribe is different and better than the others. Hence, destroying the concept of 'One Nigeria'. A concept on which the fundamentals of this country was founded upon. </p>
<p>The survival of 'One Nigeria' is something that is non negotiable. The problem isn't from the 170 million Common Nigerian, but from those few politicians that have held Nigerian hostage in their own lands for 53 years. No infrastructural development despite the huge human and natural resources Nigeria have been blessed with. </p>
<p>They can break every other thing but they can't break our spirit. Nigerians are a hardworking and courageous people made of stern stuff. Majority of Nigerians have been through the he'll in their quest to make ends meet. Failing again and again but refusing to give up. </p>
<p>A few years back I read about one Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet, a financial guru who lost $1.4 billion with Bernard Madoff's ponzi scheme. Not able to handle the potential fall out from that huge losses, slashed his wrist (or so we were told) and was found dead in his New York office. We also read about a German billionaire, Adolf Merckle who committed suicide, in despair over the huge losses his business empire suffered during the financial crisis. <br>
Such story can never be heard about Nigerians. We are a strong and dedicated people who have always been hopeful of better days ahead. And that hope must not die. <br>
I believe in One Nigeria. Do you? </p>