Flying Cars: A Peep into the Future

Men have always dreamed of flying since time immemorial. From the time of Leonardo da Vinci. The Wright brothers achieved a chunk of this dream by developing the first aeroplane. But even the smallest airplane is still 'too big' and expensive. Now the world want something smaller and affordable. Welcome to the future, the era of 'flying cars'.

Billions of dollars have been channeled into a lot of research work into the development of the 'flying car'. And those researches are beginning to yield fruits.

One of such fruits is the AirScooter, pictured above which is expected to  go on sale later this year according to the self-taught inventor Woody Norris.

One of the 66 years old Norris' test pilots demonstrated the AirScooter for 60 Minutes on a hilltop outside San Diego, California. It can fly for 2 hours at 55 mph, and go up to 10,000 feet above sea level. "Look how quickly it stops, hovers, sideways, sideways, straight down," Norris remarked after the demonstration.

The AirScooter is controlled from the motorcycle-like handle bar. Push it forward and the two counter-rotating blades pivot forward. Push it back and it goes back. Norris says you won't need a pilot's license if you fly it under 400 feet in non-restricted air space. 
The machine is going to sell at around $50,000.

Meanwhile, NASA is teaming up with some companies to develop 'The Highway in the Sky', a kind of simplified air navigation system that will enable individuals fly their cars in the air whenever they like without hitches.


I want one painted with dual colors-sky blue for nite- royal blue for day. Can u get irredecent(green/teal/blue? Such an achievement is overdue!