Ghana Calls for Higher Marriage Age, While Nigeria Lowers Hers

<p>Ghana's Chief government statistician; Philomena Nyarko has called for the legal age for marriage in Ghana to be increased from 18 to 23. This is coming after the Nigerian Legislature gave a nod to the passing of a law enabling underage marriage into law.</p>
<p>The Nigerian Senators are debating whether to remove the 18-year age restriction for marriage to enable people can wed earlier before their 18th birthday. Some Muslim senators are arguing that the age restriction violates Islamic law, which allows marriage from my onset of puberty. </p>
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<p>Mrs. Nyarko said that women who get married at 23 are more prepared physically, emotionally, mentally for the job of bearing children. And live a healthier life. She also noted that it can help slow down population growth by 15 to 20%.</p>