How Do You Get Over Someone You Love?

Falling in love is a beautiful thing. but falling out of love is an ugly and painful experience. Did someone you love so much break your heart?  Did he move on with someone else?  And you think there is no chance of ever getting back together? Are you wondering how to get over that special someone you love? Then, i might have good news for you. A little tip on how to get over someone you love or once loved.

Is there any chance of reconciliation? That's the first thing you need to figure out. to avoid letting a little misunderstanding escalate into something that both of you might end up regretting. Maybe he said he needed “space” or need to figure things out, then this article might not be for you. you have to figure out if the misunderstanding is just a temporary break. If that is the case, then i am not sure you want to make any final decisions.

You need to avoid those circumstances where there is no second chance. But if all the odds is against the chance of getting back together, then you need to get over him/her and here’s how to go about it.

A clean sweep should be the first step. Return all his/her stuff back to him/her and ask him/her to do the same. This is because you you do not want anything that will remind you of him/her and end up hurting you the more.  Put away his/her gifts. Box them all up and keep them somewhere you wont always see them until the pain goes away.

Pamper yourself. spoil yourself. have fun, eat well, hang out more with friends, enjoy life. Talk to people always; your friends and family. people that will make you forget him easily and you will discover you will start talking less about him/her.
Therapy is something you might want to consider.  Talking to a therapist will give you an outlet to talk about him and identify the reasons why the whole relationship went bad. it will also help you in figuring out somethings about you that you might need to work on in your next relationship.

Getting back into life, into the real world. start seeing the good in people. This is to avoid creating some negative wall around your feelings. And a bad perspective on relationships in general. You might give yourself a chance to go out on a date once again. let's hope you will fall in love again at some point. And meet someone who meets your expectations and your Ex becomes a part of your history. A testimony that you have the capabilities of picking yourself up from any fall and moving on. 

Getting over someone you love might not be easy or quick.  But the truth is, there is a perfect man/woman out there who is even better than you ex. And you deserve the best.