Indian Students Create Fully Featured Android Smart Watch Named ‘androidly

Have you ever imagined a smart watch that can perform almost all the many functions of your Android phone in addition to keeping time? Well your imagination just became reality as four Indians including a 17 years old student  created Fully Featured Android Smart Watch Named ‘androidly'.

We have been hearing a lot about Smart Watches these days, partly due to speculation that Telecom giants, Apple may soon release a smart watch that will act as an accessory to the iPhone range, or maybe as a standalone product.

Sony is also expected to release an update of it's basic design created last year this September.

But it seems they have just been beaten in the race to create a fully
featured Smart Watch by these four smart Indians.

'Androidly' stands out from other
current high ranking smart watches like Pebble because it was engineered to be a complete phone, making use of all the phone features of the Android OS
including calls and text messaging. While other watches are more like notification accessory that must synchronise with a primary device.

The watch will run on the Android 2.2 froyo OS. And was inspired by the wish for the ability to be able to use your hands while answering a phone call simultaneously. The watch was developed by software developer; Ankit Pradhan, communications professional; Pavneet Singh Puri, lawyer; Apurva Sukant and 17 year old Siddhant Vats.

The was is a 2 inch capacitive touchscreen, and has access to Google Play and any app supported by the Android 2.2 froyo OS and th hardware specification. The watch also have Bluetooth 2.0, GPS, Wi-Fi, a 2MP camera and a micro SIM card.