How to use MTN BIS on Android and other non Blacberry devices

It is no longer news that BIS is the cheapest internet data plan across all the mobile networks in Nigeria; MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT.But is it possible to leverage this cheap Blackberry internet plans to work on PC, Android and all other non blackberry devices? The answer is Yes, MTN BIS can work perfectly on android phones and other non blackberry devices. This can be achieved by setting the Access Point Name (APN) of your android phone/tablet to and the username and password to web.

The rate at which Android phones like tecno and Samsung galaxy are becoming popular in Nigeria is quite impressive. Hence, the need to provide an alternative option to the expensive Data plans. And that alternative is MTN BIS. Below are the procedures for activating MTN BIS on your Android Phone/Tablet.

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Pay for an MTN BBC or BIS plan by sending the relevant code to 21600. When you recieve the message confirming your subscription, follow the simple steps below and configure your android settings:

  •     Go to ‘Settings’ on your Android device,
  •     Select ‘Wireless & networks’.
  •     You will see ‘Mobile Networks’. select it
  •     go to ‘Access Point Names’
  •     on the menu button, select ‘New APN’
  •     Change the name to MTN BIS and the APN:
  •      input username and password as web
  •     Save the new APN and get ready to Rock and Roll.

With this simple settings, you can now enjoy unlimited MTN BIS on your Android. This tweak still works on Iphones and Window phone and will feature on Inspire Naija soon. Usethe subscription button under the post to keep up with our latest updates.


How about Bis unlimited that can work with Lumia phones.

emmm... right now.. nothing.. but I will try and see if there's any vpn that can work on Nokia Lumia... but meanwhile, you might wanna try Airtel bis.. it works

How about glo bis please.....

Glo BIS used to work on android and PC earlier this year. But it was blocked around February or march. But i've been hearing rumors that it is working again. But i have not confirmed it. i will confirm it soon enough though. And you will be the first to know.

But meanwhile, keep visiting inspire naija for more updates. thanks for dropping by.

Pls help, not working for me

yea.. Mtn has blocked it for like a month plus now. but you can still use the BIS on your android device by using an application called droidvpn.

Here is a direction on how to go about it

Hw can I use it on my iphone...normal bundle is too expensive and small

There's no way to use it on iPhone right now. .but i will recommend you try airtel. Their Bis works on non blackberry devices including Iphone. I currently use airtels 2+1 blackberry subscription ( 6 gb for N3000 )

Pls how do I set up a network profile for nokia 520 using any aitel bis package. Pls send reply to Thank you

How can i get the 6gb for 3,000. And does it really work on android and modems? Pls send the reply tru my email.

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To get the Airtel 6 gig ... load 3000 naira airtime and dail *440*016# .. dail *123*10# to check your data balance

How do I use the mtn bis on Nokia Lumia phone.

please i have tried it on my tecno p3 mobile, bt it not working

Please can i use MTN bis on my Nokia Lumia 520 windows phone ? i gave it all the settings but is damn not working...i will be glad if you can help send the settings to my mail.... .... thanks so much

mtn bis is not working on my nokia 5230 symbian

How can I use it in HTC Android

how can i use mtn bis or bbc on my phone or computer ?
Pls inbox me,

How can I use mtn bis on my htc windows phone my email

please hope the airtel 6 gig 3000 still working,please respond back to my hope to read back from you soon

Please am using a blackberry z10, is there any data plan that can enable me have a lot of data allowance of mayb 5gb or 6???

Pls. How do i use Mtn Bis plan on my Htc android, pls in box me on my mail.