Real Madrid's Crazy €100 million bid for Gareth Bale.

Over the weekend, Spanish Giants Real Madrid made a bold statement of intent in their flirtatious interest in Tottenham Hotspur's Welsh international Gareth Bale by submitting a €100 million bid. A bid which Tottenham Hotspur chairman, Daniel Levy rejected.<br />
<br />
Gareth Bale is no doubt a superstar but €100 million? That's crazy. €100 million is about N20 billion for the services of a single soccer player?&nbsp; That's outrageous.<br />
Football over the years have become a money game with Chelsea, PSG, Monaco, Manchester city, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Zenith St. Petersburg, Anzi all spending huge amount of money to secure the services of some football stars. This trend, though it is an interesting show of wealth but it also signals danger for the future of the game.<br />
In this period that the European economies are still struggling with the economic recession, The rich club owners are turning the European soccer leagues to a huge scary money show killing Player loyalty and increasing the gap between top clubs and average clubs.<br />
Nobody wants to go to a football game where it's almost certain who is going to win. And that's exactly the case these days. Barcelona vs Real Mallorca, Real Madrid vs Getafe, PSG vs Toulouse, Chelsea vs sunderland. I have an idea who the winners of these imaginery fixtures will be. <br />
You can argue that the champions league becoming more competitive as an advantage of these overspending in football. But then, there are&nbsp; some other champions league clubs cannot splash this kinda money on players.<br />