Rivers House of Assembly Crisis: The Video Timeline

Nigeria have been thrown into utter disgust and disbelief at the happenings in the rivers state house of assembly. The drama and the intrigues, the claims and counter claims and the videos from the crisis that have since gone viral on youtube and internet. Nigerians are asking "what exactly happened in the rivers state house of assemble complex on tuesday, 9th of july, 2013.

From the videos and accounts of the incident have been too numerous that one might not be able to get the full picture of what happened. Inspire Naija will analyse the various videos and create a timeline of the events of that day.

Video 1: Hon. Evans Bipi narrates how he beat up house leader, Chidi Llyod and others

This is the last video to go viral but it is the first video on the timeline of this events. According to reports from the commissioner of information, Ibim Semintari and House leader, Chidi Llyod, the house leader and other members of the house were attacked inside the premises when members of the house were still exchanging pleasantries. Though, there was no video of the real attack as it was said that the journalists were still setting up and could not capture the attack. But this video gives credibility to the claims as Honourable Evans Bipi narrated and explained to his followers and supported how he dealt House leader, Chidi Llyod and one other member by name Azubuike blows in the House. It took the intervention of the governor to whisk the lawmakers out of the chamber.

Video 2: The Alleged Impeachment of the Speaker Conducted by Evans Bipi and Co.

 After the Attack, 5 Lawmakers led by Hounorable Evans Bipi conducted an impeachment of the Speaker, Dan Amachree and appointed Evans Bipi as Speaker.

Video 3: The Re-entry of Chidi Lyod and his 'macing' of Honourable Chinda

An apparently enraged Leader, Chidi Llyod, who Evans Bipi claimed to have beaten in the first video re-enters the chambers just about when the Bipi and his followers were about ending the sitting in video 2 and attacked the house members using the 'fake' mace as a weapon on honourable Chinda. Evans Bipi can be seen running around in the video.

Video 4: Attempt by Evans Bipi and his thugs to re-enter the Chambers


After the attack by Chidi Llyod in video 3, the other faction of the house led by speaker, Dan Amachree allegedly sat later in the afternoon to consider the governors budget amendments. Evans Bipi returned during this session with thugs but were refused entry into the chambers by security agents. The deputy Governor, Tele Ikuru, tried to console Evans Ibipi all to no avail. With Evans saying that his annoyance was that the governor insulted the president.

The events on this videos is despicable and embarrassing to Nigeria's democracy and should be condemned no matter who was wrong or right. That's my verdict. What is your verdict on the scandal? 


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