The Tecno Comeback

Years back, Tecno phones have been looked upon with frowns and so much disdain, it's owners have been looked upon as pitiable delusional braggarts who wanted to own a music phone at all costs, consequently, owning the Tecno 'noise-making' gadgets.

Recently, Tecno has had a full comeback, producing gadgets with which they hoped they social networking youths would become a target audience, surprisingly, the old and younger ones all want to be a part of this mobile regeneration.

Tecno has brought the technology which the rich only had, down to a level, for everyone to have thesame playing field. Tecno Android gadgets have become a cheap paradise and the best thing that has, and is still happening to the mobile world.

The price range of a few of these powered devices are listed as follows.
1. Tecno Q1 = N17,000
2. Tecno d3 = N14, 000
3. Tecno d5 = N16, 000
4. Tecno N3 = N13, 000
5. Tecno N7 = N30,000
6. Tecno F7 = N35, 000

Surprisingly, these phones have a 12 + 1 months warranty and there are service centres in almost every state of Nigeria.

Think twice before you get your next device.