Use MTN BIS on Android and non Blackberry devices with Droidvpn

Ok!!! It seems MTN has finally blocked the use of MTN BIS on Android and other non Blackberry devices. But there's still a way out; Droidvpn for Android.

Droidvpn is a tunneling software developed by the same developers that brought us PdProxy. Droidvpn is used to tunnel restricted networks through dedicated servers hereby unlocking them for use on your Android devices.

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Do you still have active BIS before MTN stopped the use of MTN BIS on Android devices? Are you afraid your remaining subscription will come to waste? Then you need not worry because with Droidvpn, you can still enjoy your remaining BIS subscription on you Android.

Here is procedures on how to go about it.

1. First buy the MTN 2 hours data bundle ( to be used in downloading the necessary things since your BIS is no longer working)

2. Revert your Phone APN to the MTN's default (

3. Visit and signup for an account if you don't have one.

4. Visit Google play store and download the Droidvpn app and install it on your phone.

5. Run the app. It will direct you to download tun.ko

6. After downloading tun.ko, go back to your APN setting and change it to (since you are now ready to use your BIS subscription again)

7. Go back to your Droidvpn app, go to settings and change protocol to ICMP (that's the protocol mtn uses)

8. Now input your login details in the space provided on the app. Your username (the email you opened the Droidvpn Account with) and password.

9. Then click on start and after a short while you'll see connected. Now you are ready to go.

You can now open your browser and surf the web as you like, chat on whatsapp and facebook using your MTN BIS subscription.

NB: Droidvpn works only on rooted Android phones.

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This is really awsome and i love that.. This is very unique thing you put on that post.. Thanks for sharing...

i'm glad yo like it.. thanks for stopping by

Will I enable the mobile data plan first before connecting the droidvpn

Pls help ooo....DroidVPN is displaying no internet connection detected, my android phone does not display E or 3G when using the apn

it could be network problem. try rebooting your phone

yes of course. mobile date plan must be enabled first

Very interesting indeed, will this also work on MTN SA?

Nice sharing.I am using Blackberry Z10 model phone.I bought this phone with network locked condition and then I unlocked it by using an unlock code.I got this code at reasonable cost from with easy step by step unlocking instructions.This is the fast and permanent unlocking method.

Pls help me i mistakenly activated blackberry Bbc worth #1000 on my android phone mtn line... pls wot can i do to get my money back or wot can i do that my #1000 wont waste away..