All University of Liberia Candidates fail Entrance Exam

It has emerged that out of the 25000 high school leavers that sat for the entrance exam into the university of Liberia, not a single one of them passed.

This was confirmed by Liberia head of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) John Gaylfor. He said that not one candidate had done well enough to progress, with a near non-existent grasp of English blamed as the chief reason for the100% fail rate.

In her reaction, Liberia minister of education, Etmonia David-TarpehI said "I know there are a lot of weaknesses in the schools but for a whole group of people to take exams and every single one of them to fail, I have my doubts about that. It’s like mass murder.”

Commenting on the results, the Spokesman for the University of Liberia, Momodu Getaweh, said: “In English, the mechanics of the language, they didn’t know anything about it. So the government has to do something. The war has ended 10 years ago now. We have to put that behind us and become realistic.”

University of Liberia is one of the two public Universities in the country which was ravaged by two civil wars. The country returned to democracy in 2003 when President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf assumed power.

The university of Liberia says it has no plans to alter results or be “swayed by emotion”.