Free Browsing with etisalat on Android

Finally, there's a new way of browsing free on your Android using your etisalat sim.

After MTN stopped the use of their BIS on Android devices and other non blackberry devices, there was no other option than buying those ridiculously expensive Data plan MTN was putting on sale for Android devices. Plans that give very little Data for huge prices. That was a period of Data Prudence.

But that is now a thing of the past, as Etisalat decided to give us a little feel of their Arab money. Well, you can now browse with your etisalat sim on your Android without any Data plan whatsoever!!!!!  All you need to accomplish this is just a working  DROIDVPN and root access for phones with Android versions lower than 4.0

Here are the simple steps to follow:

Root your phone and download tun.ko installer (For Android versions lower than 4.0)

Register on and download Droidvpn from google play store.

Set connection protocol to UDP after signing in. And set UDP port to 53.

Connect your Droidvpn and you are ready to go.  Viola!!!!

You can now browse and download all you want.. cheers


Obayaya so this is for only android, what about for laptop na ehn

for laptop and desktop computer, you will need pdproxy from the makers of Droidvpn..

what of android version higher than 4.0.................cus mine is 4.1.1...............i nid a reply from u thnkz

what about android 4.0 and higher, how do we use the droidvpn