Jonathan’s Real Friends, Foes in Amaechi's rivers state Crisis

For months now, the trending news/topic in Nigeria's political atmosphere is the rivers state crisis and the drama that comes with it. A lot of stories have been written on our newspapers and blogs about the remote and immediate cause of this crisis that is trying to tear president Jonathan's NigerDelta apart and the principal actors involves.

Don't worry I'm not about to give you my own version of the story. I can't do that because I don't have the facts and I don't have access to the necessary information I need to be able to understand the precarious game of politics; the Nigerian Style. But I can point you to someone who seems to have figured it all out.

Eze chukwuma Eze in this article; Jonathan’s Real Friends, Foes And The Way Forward gave an objective analysis of president goodluck Jonathan's administration so far, the rivers crisis and the effect its having on the presidency and his administration.

It is a very long article but it is worth all the time spent in reading it I promise you.

Happy Reading.