Nigerians Leveraging the power of Social Media

The easiest way of disseminating informations, news or promoting a cause is the social media. It takes a few hours for a news or event to go viral on the social media. And Nigerians are leveraging this power of the social media to the fullest.

From the ABSU rape scandal, to the occupy Nigeria protest, to NGF elections, rivers state house of assembly crisis and more recently, the police bribe scandal. Nigerians have come to realize the power of a seemingly harmless phone. And they have embraced this new found weapon of emancipation with vigour.

The social media was the weapon that sparked the revolution that swept and is still sweeping the Arab world. Such is the power we wield in our hands. The power to make and unmake kings. The power to make our personal struggle become a global cause.

If only those ABSU rapists knew that uploading that video to a social media will come back to haunt them. If only the governors in Jang's NGF, Rivers state House leader Chidi llyod, and member Evans Bipi knew that a simple video shot was enough to expose and blow their political skirmishes out of proportion. If only that sergeant in the bribery video knew that the 2000 naira he was offered will be his last 'roger' offer.

Speaking of the police sergeant, dismissing him can't be fair if the 'wasiu' and the oga he spoke of over the phone are not brought to the book too.

Multimedia phones are everywhere in Nigeria with cameras ready to start recording any interesting occurrence and bringing them to vast audience the social media offers.