Forget 2go! Eskimi Chat is the new wave of the moment

Eskimi chat have been in existence for quite some time now. But it is just gaining popularity with the mainstream audience of Nigerian youths.

I first joined eskimi sometime in 2010 I think (I may be wrong tho). Even before before 2go came on stream.

When the 2go frenzy came, it swept the thought of Eskimi off my head. It was all about 2go from then on. Then I registered on badoo a little bit later. And I discovered whatsapp and BBM and that effectively killed eskimi as far as I'm concerned.

You might be asking; why is he telling us all these stories? Well, I got a text message from MTN announcing a new Data plan exclusive for eskimi users. And I was wondering "who on earth still uses Eskimi?"

I decided to do a little research, so I logged in to my old eskimi account (I couldn't remember the password though,but somehow I was able to log in from my email address). I was so surprised how much eskimi have grown over the years. It has grown so much that it is a rival to the almighty 2go.

According to My kid sister, eskimi is an alternative to the overcrowded and boring 2go that's fast becoming childish. I couldn't help laughing. But truth be told, eskimi offers a lil more maturity than 2go. The interface is really very interesting. And it has variety of activities that add a little more diverse dimension.

Eskimi now has more than 5 million members in more than 20 countries. Out of which, about 30 thousand members are always online at any given time. With an easy to use mobile app and a lite mobile site, Eskimi doesn't gulp so much Data. Which makes it more pocket friendly when considering the high cost of internet data plans in Nigeria.

The cheap Eskimi data bundle plan from MTN is really charming and makes connecting with friends and meeting new people via Eskimi more easy than ever.

To join Eskimi, visit to register and start meeting interesting new peeps in your area


Its been a very loooooooooooooooooong time since i visited eskimi chat. Will check em out soon to see if there's any improvement.