Hilarious!!! Masseur saves a Crucial Goal to help his soccer teamQualify In Brazil

It's been 3 years since Luis Suarez infamous hand ball that eliminated Ghana from the 2010 world Cup in south Africa. Africans and more especially Ghanaians still hate him for that. Well something even more dramatic happened over the weekend in Brazil


The game was a tie at 2-2 with Aparecidence having an away goal advantage having drawn at home 1-1. The home side, Tupi got a very clear scoring opportunity that would have taken the scores to 3-2 having rounded Aparecidence's goal keeper. Just for the masseur to jump into the goal, make to quickfire saves and dash off from the field.

That action effectively ended the match at 2-2 with Aparecidence qualifying to the chagrin of Tupi players and fans. It's understood that Tupi is intending on taking legal action to have the scores overturned.

But then, this is quite a funny incident that all football fans must see. The save is the kind of save that any world class goal keeper will be proud of.

 Click this link to watch the youtube video