PDP Crisis escalates Rivers state Crisis as Police men bar Amaechi from Government house.

<p dir=ltr><a href="www.inspirenaija.com/2013/07/rivers-house-of-assembly-crisis-video.html">The rivers state crisis</a> which have been on the decline of late was escalated again last night. With PDP Crisis being the catalyst to the recent dimension in the crisis.</p>
<p dir=ltr>The Rivers State police command mounted a roadblock at the entrance of the Government House, port Harcourt denying Governor Amaechi's convoy entrance to the government house. Forcing the governor to take another longer route into the government house. </p>
<p dir=ltr>This incident happened right after the police sealed off that just launched office of the new PDP faction in port Harcourt earlier in the afternoon. </p>
<p dir=ltr>It was reported that the leader of the squad mounting the blockade was quoted to have replied the governor with these words "I don't take orders from civilians". </p>
<p dir=ltr>A lot of people have come out to condemn the action. According to the constitution of the Federal republic of Nigeria, the governor of a state is the Chief security officer of the state. And the action of the police amounts to gross insubordination and negligence to rule of law.</p>
<p dir=ltr>It can be recalled that the governor who have been having <a href="http:// www.inspirenaija.com/2013/08/jonathans-real-friends-foes-in-amaechi.html">a long standing face off with president </a><a href="http:// www.inspirenaija.com/2013/08/jonathans-real-friends-foes-in-amaechi.html">Goodluck</a><a href="http:// www.inspirenaija.com/2013/08/jonathans-real-friends-foes-in-amaechi.html"> Jonathan,</a> his wife, Dame patience who is from the state and the commissioner of police who is seen as a tool employed by the presidency in humiliating Governor Amaechi. </p>
<p dir=ltr>This face off took a new turn for the worst, <a href="http:// www.inspirenaija.com/2013/07/rivers-crisis-babangida-lamido-and.html">when governor </a><a href="http:// www.inspirenaija.com/2013/07/rivers-crisis-babangida-lamido-and.html">Amaechi</a><a href="http:// www.inspirenaija.com/2013/07/rivers-crisis-babangida-lamido-and.html"> joined the renegade members of the ruling PDP </a>who formed a new faction of the party.</p>