Anambra State Elections: My Verdict from the Gubernatorial Debate

The political tension in anambra state is at its all time high as the state braces itself for november 16, the day of the gubernatorial elections.

Different Candidates from the different political parties have taken their campaign to the streets, neighbourhood, villages, towns and cities in anambra to sell their candidacy to the electorate (the masses).

The Candidates also participated in several debates with the best of them being the debate organised by NEDG in collaborateion with Africa Independent Televison AIT.

The Debate featured virtualy all the candidates and running mates from the various political parties in the preliminery stages. The finale was between the Candidates of All Progressive Congress (APC), Dr. Chris Ngige, All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief willie Obiano, Labour Party (LP), Ifeanyi Uba and Progressive people Alliance (PPA), Chief Godwin Ezeemo.

The debate was fun to watch as the candidates try to tell the world what they will do for anambra state if elected. The candidates made their points while engaging in slight direct attacks on their opponent which was against the debate rules. But Apart from that, the debate was rather engaging fun and humourous to say the least.

Below is my verdict on the debate and this is entirely my opinion after seiving all the tantrums from the debate.

All the candidates tried to express themselves to the best of their ability but Dr. Chris Ngige led the pack in this department. He was very calm, composed and articulate. He is obviously not new to public speaking.

Feasible Plans: All the candidates had a lot of plans for the state. Some of which are just not feasible but are meant to sway the support of the electorates. plans like mono rail, 2 airports, increasing IGR to 16 billion in 6 months and many many more ridiculous plans.

In my humble opinion, i think Chief Obiano was more realistic with his plans. No big promises just a simple promise of continuing with the Anambra Integrated Development Strategy and making the necessary improvements

Passion: Dr. Ifeanyi Uba really put his passion for the state on display. He tried to cut out the figure of someone who loves the state so much and wanna help the state.

Keeping to the rules of the debate: Well this is not a classroom debate where marks may be deducted for breaking such rules. so breaking the rule is not really a big deal. But of all the candidates, only Chief Godwin Ezeemo followed the rules of the debate to the letter. The rest of the candidates did at one point on the other make a direct attack on their opponent.

In Conclusion: The purpose of a debate is to sway voters? Hence, Most of the comments and promises made in the debate were made from an entrenched biased position.

Dr. Chris Ngige performed well and spoke like an experienced politician that he is. Chief WIllie Obiano also did well but he  was not as fluent as Ngige. But He sounded more sincere to me. Dr. Ifeanyi Uba did make some very interesting and passionate comments but his game was not interlocked firmly. Chie Godwin Ezeemo sounded so uninspiring but I still loved his humility and calmness.

Overall, yours sincerely thinks Chief willie Obiano of APGA is better candidate and will cast his vote for him come November 16