What's the ZIP/Postal Code of Nigerian Towns and Cities?

ZIP/Postal Code of a place no doubt is a very important piece of information as it is a code made of letters or/and digits which are added to a postal address to help post office and other courier services sort mail effectively. ZIP/Postal Code is also used in locating a post office nearest to your location easily.

What's Nigeria's ZIP/Postal Code?

I used to erroneously think that Nigeria's ZIP/Postal code is the same thing as the country's international dialing code which is 234. And i am sure a lot of Nigerians believed that too. I discovered what ZIP/Postal Code actually is sometime early this year when i tried making a transaction on Aliexpress and ZIP/Postal Code was a requested. It was then that i discovered that ZIP/Postal Code actually differs from city to city, town to town. Even different streets in the same city do have different zip codes from one another.

As Nigerians are beginning to embrace the internet and the online market, Most Secure Application and online forms always request for ZIP/Postal Code. Online forms like School/Job Application, online purchases (like Aliexpress and Ebay), Adsense Registration etc. So it is important that Nigerians understand what ZIP/Postal Code is and know how to get this very important piece of information.

How To get the Zip/Postal Code of Your street, town, city In Nigeria.

The Nigerian Postal Service maintains an online database of the ZIP/Postal Code of all the locations in Nigeria. So to get the ZIP/Postal Code of your area, All you need to do is
1. Visit the New Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) Website (http://www.nigeriapostcodes.com/views/)

2. if you want to know the postal code for a place located in the city, select Urban Postal code search

3. if you want to know the postal code for a place located in the village or for villages, select Rural postal code search

4. Select the State, Town, Area and Street Name of the area you are querying for its ZIP/Postal Code and click the Get Post Code button.

The correct Zip/Postal Code for that area will be shown alongside other streets that uses same postal code.
Below is a screenshot of the website