Anambra State Elections: Vote or Shut Up

The build up to Anambra state gubernatorial elections started earlier this year after the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) released the timetable for the election. A lot of things have happened between then and now we are in the eve of the elections.

It is a cool evening in Anambra state with the full moon illuminating the streets of the commercial city of onitsha in Anambra state. The bars and pubs are full as traders engage in beer palour gist about how the election tomorrow will end and who the eventual winner is.

Despite their different political inclinations and views, these men share one common belief; that Anambra deserve a good leader and they are going out tomorrow to vote for the best candidate in their opinion.

There is also a class of people who will not vote in tomorrow's elections. I witnessed one of such persons being shouted down in a bar where i had gone to get a bottle of chilled guiness small stout which i am siping as i write this article.

That incidence at the bar is actually what motivated me to write this article. One of the men at bar had this to say to the guy amongst them who does not have a voter's card and hence will not be able to vote tomorrow - "If you will not vote tomorrow, please shut up as you do not have a say in whatever happens in Anambra state in the next four years"

Hence, the title of this article - "Vote or Shut up". A lot of things have been said about this elections. propaganda here and there. On the print and online media, in the campaigns and debates. All these are the candidates trying to sell themselves to you the electorate.

An election scenario can be likened to a recruitment. The candidates for the elections are the prospective employees. The electorates are the employers and all the campaigns, propagandas and debates are their CVs and job interview.

The Applicant (the gubernatorial candidates) have done their parts in trying to sell themselves to the employers (the electorate) that they are the best canndidates for the job. Now the ultimate decision lies with the employers. Who will  have to analyse the candidates and choose one of them for the job.

An Employer must employ. so i do not see a reason why an eligible voter should not vote. Not voting is synonymous to throwing away your voice. Since you have thrown away your voice, you are better off keeping shut. As you no longer have a say.

So it is either you cast your vote tomorrow or You Shut up for the next four years.