Looking Forward to Sunday's Solar Eclipse?

The complexity of the universe is something scientists have been trying to demystify for centuries and millennia. Though science have made a lot of progress in explaining a fraction of the mystery of life and the universe but there's still a lot of phenomena left unanswered.
Come Sunday, the 3rd of November, 2013, Nigerian will have the opportunity to witness one of such mysteries of life; The Solar eclipse. 
What is solar eclipse? Solar eclipse is a sudden black patch partially or totally covering the sun which occurs when moon comes in between the sun and the earth partially or totally blocking the light rays from the sun.
On Sunday, Nigeria will witness a partial solar eclipse and a lot of us will have the opportunity to witness this rare occurrence.
According to Dr Sa’idu Mohammed, the Director General of the Nigeria Space Research And Development Agency (NASDRA), the eclipse will come in three
phases; a partial eclipse around 1 pm when the moon will touch the edge of the sun, the maximum eclipse Will occur just before 3 pm when the moon is expected to be closest to the centre of the sun. The moon will leave the edge of the sun shortly after 4 pm.
I always wonder what the reaction to this sort of events were in the olden days when there were no scientific explanation. What the reaction will look like was captured in the TV series Da Vinci Demons. Where the Florentines a knelt to pray for the forgiveness of sins believing the eclipse was some sort of punishment from God.
It might interest you to know that such beliefs are still shared by some people today as captured by a report from Daily times . Below is the reaction from one Mrs. Caroline Taiwo, a petty trader as reported by Daily Times
"I hope God is not trying to punish us for all our wrongs. I will have to put everything in order before Sunday, ensure my children are locked in and cook all we will eat on Saturday. I pray God diverts this to another place, not here."
Well, I am looking forward to seeing this rare occurrence and am sure you are. It gives us many more reason to marvel at the wonders of God's creations.
I am not going to take such detail for granted.