Stop the Propaganda... Let Me Hear My Own Thoughts

There seem to be two distinct camp in the Nigerian news media. each of the camps echoing the views of the 2 main political parties Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressive Congress (APC).

The news and articles churned out by these media houses do have a political undertone favourable to the group they are supporting. They are either pro-Jonathan or Anti-Jonathan. Investigative journalism is almost dead in Nigeria as a result. And of the truth, Nigerians are becoming confused as they cannot even hear themselves think. As the Political propaganda always try to force down a particular line of reasoning down your throat.

Maybe if NTA & Co. would turn down the pro-GEJ propaganda and  give us undiluted news on actual happenings across Nigeria, maybe the citizenry would eventually agree with their argument that the Transformation Agenda of President Goodluck Jonathan's administration is actually on track and effective

Maybe if The Punch newspaper & Co. would turn down the anti-GEJ propaganda and give us a semi-fair, semi-balanced reporting on events, maybe we will eventually arrive at their point of view - that President Goodluck Jonathan's administration has been nothing but clueless and lousy or in the words of Bisi Akande "kindergarten Presidency".

But, propaganda from both sides is continuous, loud & overwhelming that it is has become extremely difficult for you to even hear yourself think. And, if you are not already an ethnic bigot, a sectional bigot, a religious bigot, a tribal bigot, a politician, a politician's sphycophant or a politician's boy (or girl?), then you are probably stuck in a political limbo.

A look at the political section of the popular Nigerian online forum Nairaland will give you an idea of what i am driving at. There is a Pro-GEJ camp and an Anti-GEJ camp. Then you have the tribal bigots all swallowing the propaganda of these media houses as long as it is in line with what the camp they support.

And they try as much as possible to defend anything thrown at their camp. This trend is becoming dangerous as our youths, the leaders of tomorrow have been robbed of their own views, just because they wanna support their ethnic group or support a political office holder from their region or because they support one political party or the other.

Most statements and views you hear from most of the Nigerian youths today are made from an entrenched position of Bias. All this can change is the Media houses can STOP THE NOISE (PROPAGANDA) AND LET THE CITIZENRY HEAR THEIR OWN THOUGHTS