The Hidden Truth about Rivers State Crisis

Rivers State have featured prominently in the Nigerian media this year for the wrong reasons; The Rivers State Crisis.

The purported face off between the president of the federation, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and the governor of rivers state who is also the chairman if the Nigerian governors' forum, Rt. Honorable Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

The crisis climaxed during the purported Rivers State house of assembly impeachment saga and the subsequent mazing between pro GEJ elements in the State and those loyal to the governor.

The political tension in the garden city of port Harcourt, the oil and gas capital of Nigeria and arguably the most important state in the south south region of the country where Mr. President hails from has reason to an all time high. An usual uneasiness have befallen the city.

Much have been made of the crisis that even political observers are becoming confused. Today in the news you will hear of a spat between the president and governor Amaechi. Tomorrow both are riding on the same helicopter to an event.

What exactly is going on? Recently, leaders from the opposition party, APC paid governor Amaechi a visit in an attempt to woo him into leaving the ruling PDP which have suspended him to join APC.

During the colorful event the governor organised in reception of the APC chieftains, the governor made the statement of the year!!! "I will consult with the president, I will consult all consultables"

Why will the governor wanna consult a man that he's involved in a power tussle with?  Why will you want to consult a man you once alleged to be after your life? These are the questions that when you try to answer them, utmost dawns on you that the Rivers State crisis isn't exactly as it seems.  Nothing is ever as it seems especially when it comes to politics. A game with no permanent Friends. Just permanent interests.

While trying to answer these questions, I had to do a root cause analysis. What exactly is the Genesis of this crisis?

It all started with the Rivers state chapter of the party, PDP. The National leadership of the party recognizing Felix Obuah as the chairman of the state chapter of the party. A move that almost took away the control of the party State apparatus from governor Amaechi. Though with little success.

The governor of a state is always the leader of the state chapter of the party. So why remove governor Amaechi from the equation? The only rational answer is CONFLICTING INTEREST!

But what interest could that be?  The governor is already in his second term as governor and can not go for a third term. All that's left for him is retire to the Senate. Or is the rumor of a vice presidential ambition the bone of contention? 

I doubt it. Governor Amaechi might be outspoken but he is not stupid. A Vice presidential ticket that will be in direct opposition to the president Goodluck reelection is synonymous to a political suicide as the south south will fight him with all they've got. And where will he run to?  The west or the north?  I don't think so.

So with the Vice presidential ambition out of the way,  there's but just one interest left. The Rivers State gubernatorial seat. And this is where the minister for state of education, Nyesom Wike who is rumoured to have an interest in being the next governor of rivers state comes in.

Nyesom Wike is the focal point of the presidential onslaught on governor Amaechi. Wike is always the man on ground to fight the man who was his former boss on behalf of the presidency. He seems to be the only Rivers man in Abuja that is wholly involved in this fight against governor Amaechi.

I find this particularly disturbing as Wike was once the chief of staff to governor Amaechi and governor Amaechi rewarded him by nominating him for a ministerial position. Why will the same man turn around to fight the governor instead of brokering peace between his former boss and his current boss?

In my humble opinion, I believe Wike is in the center of this hullabaloo in Rivers State. And the only rational reason for this is opposition to his governorship ambition. Maybe he feels the governor will not support his ambition. And the best way to secure his ambition is to wrest the state party apparatus from the governor.

I won't leave out the opposition party, APC in the scheme of things. APC have succeeded in blowing this issue out of proportion in a bid to discredit the president and win the support of the masses. But being bold enough to approach the governor is something I consider a stupid move.

What were they expecting? That the governor will publicly denounce PDP and by extension president Goodluck Jonathan? Lmao!!!  That will never happen.

The Rivers State crisis is just a clash of interest on who becomes the governor of rivers state. And the fight is between Nyesom Wike and Governor Amaechi.