The Seeming End to The Lingering ASUU Strike?

ASUU strike alongside Oduagate saga have become the most talked about topics in nigeria as of today. But unlike Oduagate, the ASUU strike has a direct or indirect effect on the majority of Nigerians.

What Started like a joke on July 1, 2013 with predictions of a speedy resolution to the impasse have lingered on foe more than a quarter of the year, 4 months, 120 days, 2880 hours, 172800 minutes and still counting.

The more the strike lingers, the more Nigerian loose hope that it will be called off soon despite the numerous meetings after meetings the federal government have embarked on with ASUU. Most of the meetings i must say strike me as some unserious gathering of government officials trying to play the game of monopoly with the ASUU executives.

The unserious way these negotiation meetings were handled is the reason why ASUU strike have not been called off. This is because ASUU have not been able to see any commitment on the part of the federal government to end the strike. And the federal government? will continue being the federal government of Nigeria who have no other interest apart from enriching themselves with our commonwealth.

It is too bad that innocent Nigerians suffer the effect of this face off between the federal government and ASUU and can only watch them continue doing that annoying macabre dance they call negotiation without yielding any useful result.

The month of November, However, rekindled the hope of the students that they may be on their way back to the classroom after all as the oga at the top decided to wade into the matter.

On monday, the president engaged the ASUU leadership in a 13 hours meeting at the presidential villa. it was later revealed that the offer the federal government made to the striking lecturers is a payment of 1.1 trillion naira spread across 5 years. meaning that from 2014, the universities will receive 220 billion naira for infrastructural development.

The ASUU leadership has taken the offer back to its members and the National Executive council (NEC) of ASUU is expected to sit on Friday to make a resolution from the response of its members from the various branch.

We believe that ASUU will call the strike off on Friday after the NEC meeting.