UK cancels the £3,000 “security bond” for “high-risk” foreign visitors, including Nigerians

It seems the UK have canceled their plans of levying some “high-risk” foreign visitors, including those from Nigeria a 3,000-pound “security bond”.

The visa bond scheme which was announced in June by Home Secretary,
Theresa May, was to come into force this month.

The Visa bond Scheme which was aimed at deterring travellers visiting the UK from some countries in Africa and Asia from overstaying their Visa received wide condemnation from the different countries affected including Nigeria.

It seems the UK government have yielded to the criticism by opting not to implement the policy.

This was made known in a statement from a spokesperson for the British Home Office which said “The Government has been considering whether we pilot a bond scheme that would deter people from overstaying the visa. We have decided not to proceed,”

The decision to scrap the scheme is was said to be due to Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg threat to block it.

The “high-risk” countries the scheme would have affected includes India, Pakistan, and Nigeria.

The scheme would have mandated Visitors from these countries to pay a 3,000-pound cash bond before arriving the UK. They will forfeit the money if they fail make the return trip at the expiration of their Visa.