Do you Know You Can Borrow Airtime/Credit From Airtel? How?

Are you suprised? Well, Airtel Nigeria has commenced a very interesting service where you can borrow airtime from the Network for immediate use and you will pay back later. This is very useful for emergencies when you will need to make an important call and you do not have the means to buy airtime voucher anywhere.

Airtel Nigeria is presently the Only Network provider in Nigeria offering such services. And it is really innovative.

Just like in every loan, Airtel Nigeria is charging  a 10% interest for this service. Which means that if you desire to borrow N200 airtime, Airtel will only credited N180 Naira, but when repaying, you will have to pay N200 Naira (that is additional N20, 10% of the N200)

After using the airtime you borrowed, Airtel will deduct any airtime/credit you load immediately until you pay your debts completely.

How Do I Borrow Airtime/Credit From Airtel Nigeria?

To borrow airtime/credit from Airtel Nigeria, all you need to do is follow these simple steps below.

1. DIAL *500# on your phone. This will display a list of the amount of airtime you can borrow from Airtel which must not be above N1000.

2. Select the amount you want to borrow and your account will be credited immediately.