What 2014 Holds for Nigeria and Nigerians

The Northern and Southern Protectorate was amalgamated in 1914 giving birth to this country we now call Nigeria exactly 100 years ago. 2014 is no doubt a centenary of the birth of Nigeria, the most populous black nation on Earth.

The events of the tail end of 2013 has reinforced the belief that 2014 might yet prove to be the most important year in the history of this country. The tension and uncertainty all over the country is at it's all time high.

A lot of men of God has prophesied on what will happen in 2014 and they all points to some sort of negative negative events that will shake the root of this nation and possibly breaking it. But i am not a prophet and i am not going to prophesy nor make a prediction. I will only try to analyze what we already know.

For the first time since return to democracy in 1999, Nigeria now has a formidable Opposition political party in All Progressive Congress (APC) who parade themselves as progressives. Are they really Progressives? I will leave you to answer that.

The Opposition have been busy trying to pull a lot of support and it seems they are succeeding as some members of the house of representative were said to have defected to the party from the Ruling Peoples Democratic Party PDP along with 5 PDP governors

The Presidency has been under a lot of pressure from the opposition and other persons including the former president Olusegun Obasanjo who wrote him an 18 paged open letter he titled 'Before it if too late' which triggered a season of open letters.

The speaker of the house of representative, Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal who have been strongly linked to the APC accused the president of supporting corruption through his body language.

The  Governor of the Central bank, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi wrote a letter to the president which was leaked to the press in which he alleged that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation failed to remit monies amountinf to 50 billion dollars from the sale of the nation's oil into the federation account.

President Goodluck jonathan
The Administration of president Goodluck Jonathan has been praised for its effort to transform the economy. Though a lot of people in the opposition argues that this transformation is only on paper and it is not visible on the ground and that the administration has performed below expectation.

The presidency said it will convene a national conference in february 2014. A conference a lot of people has hailed while the opposition claimed the aim of the conference is not sincere enough.

Though the presidency has not declared his intention to run for a second term in office, there has been calls that he should honour the unwritten rule in the PDP that power must be returned to the north after 8 years.

With all these known variable, one can only imagine what will happen in 2014.

Maybe the presidency will try to shore up it support and get the backing of the masses. And the only shore way to to do this is by engaging in visible transformtion.

The National Conference will hold and maybe a resolution will be reached in the conference on certain problems that has bedeviled the nations. Maybe this resolution will change the outlook of this country forever.

The opposition will definitely try to win more support and will hold its convention in 2014. The success of the opposition is closely tied to the manner in which they will try to integrate all the political heavyweights that joined the ranks of the party recently.

The Presidency may or may not declare his intention to run for a second term. But whatever route he chooses to take will definitely throw up some controversies.

The Political parties will roll out their Campaign drums this year and will try to increase their effort in winning support and selling their ideas and philosophies to the masses.

2014 is really a pregnant year and nobody knows what it will give birth to. All we can do is watch and pray.