Centenary Awards: Celebrating 100 Years of Nationhood

In 1914, Lord Frederick Luggard initiated the amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorate of Nigeria. A move that eventually gave rise to this nation called Nigeria as we know it today. 

The Amalgamation has been viewed differently from different section of the country. With majority of people believing it was an unholy alliance, a marriage of convenience, The remote cause of all the problems of this country called Nigeria. There's another school of thought that believe otherwise. But this class of persons are in the minority. 

But despite the differing opinions, celebrating the 100 years anniversary of this Nation is a celebration all Nigerians must participate in. 

Most commentators on social networks and news media have been going on and on on how the celebration is a waste of the country's lean resources that should have been channeled into solving the numerous problems bedeviling the Country. 

A lot of Notable Nigeria has rejected the Centenary Awards offered them for their various roles in bringing this nation thus far. They cited one or two problems in the country as their reasons for rejecting the Awards.
Nigeria as a country is far from perfect no doubt. She has been under-performing. Plagued by a lot of problems amidst plenty of human and natural resources. This should be a source of concern to all well meaning Nigerians. But not enough to reject reject the centenary Awards. 

Nigeria has come a long way. From a lifetime of heartbreaks and disappointment, through several coups, wars and insurgency. But yet this country still stands strong.

Maybe the country might cease to exist in the near future. But it is important we celebrate our difficult past and the heroes who contributed in no small measure in making this country what it is today  And remain in hope that the country will grow to become the country of our dreams. 

Happy Centenary Anniversary Nigeria!!!