On The Ongoing National Conference

Beneath the fears and reservations that greeted the news of a National Conference when it first broke out on the 1st of October, 2013, there were still embers of hope amongst a vast population of Nigerians.  A hope that maybe this Conference will chat a new prosperous course for this country unlike our other attempts which failed to yield any positive result.

This Year's National Conference is symbolic because it is taking place in 2014, the year of Nigeria's centenary anniversary celebration. Will This Conference make any difference? That is yet to be seen. But, reports from the proceedings of the National Conference gives us even more reasons to hope and believe that we will get it right this time around.

From Mr President's Emotional and thought provoking opening speech, to the news of a 12 million Naira allowance for the delegates, to the minor disagreements and arguments over opening prayers, rules of the delegates and delegates' ideas for Nigeria. This Conference has all the trappings of a "serious business". And the delegates seems well motivated for the deliberations, arguments and fights.. who knows? 

Delegates at the National Conference
Despite all these encouraging signs, there are other discouraging and shocking sights from the proceedings such as pictures of delegates sleeping during the proceedings on the first day of the conference. The Most shocking news from the conference so far is the picture of the erstwhile Director of National Agency of Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and former minister of information Prof. Dora Akunyili.
Reports suggests that the former cabinet member during president Yar'Adua's administration has been suffering from an undisclosed illness which caused the severe loss of weight, Hence a look that is a shadow of her former self. 

Prof. Dora Akunyili at the Conference
However, It is encouraging that despite this illness, Prof. Dora insisted on taking part in the National Conference. To help chart a new course for this country Nigeria. 

The national conference is ongoing and will continue to go on for the next 3 months. We hope that at the end of this 3 months, these respected ladies and gentlemen who are gathered in Abuja, federal capital territory to negotiate the future of this great country will figure out a the way to the Future.