The Reoccurring JAMB Bite

On a Saturday like this every year, millions of Nigerian secondary school leavers who desire to further their studies in one of the institutions of higher learning across the country come to limelight. It is JAMB UTME examination date. Every body is in high spirit; Students, their parents and guardians. Every one of them is optimistic, hopeful they will get a score good enough to earn them one of the few precious slots in the universities, polytechnics and colleges of education.
On a day like this, the dreams of these students are as valid as ever. And today present a genuine chance of getting a step closer to that dream. If you happen to be close to one of the numerous venues for this JAMB UTME, you'll marvel at the determination of this students to succeed.
They troop into the streets as early as 6 am. Filling in all the buses and taxi cabs and trudging along on foot. Today is all about them and they'll make the most of it.
Beneath those smiling faces lies the ugly truth about the Nigerian educational system. More than 60% of these students are about to feel the painful bite of JAMB yet again. Only a few of them stand a real chance of securing an admission into the institutions of higher learning. And you have to be extra smart, involve in malpractice or know someone with influence to belong to this few.
Regrettably, A lot of people are making a lot of cash capitalizing on this rather painful scenario to rip off the students and make cool cash. Sales of JAMB Expo and answer tips from God knows where have been the trending topic on the internet this past few days. These Expo and tips promises students high scores in the UTME. A false promise, but one which the students don't mind taking.
Despite all these, one thing is certain. JAMB must definitely bite a good number of these students taking the exams today. And the Jambites club is about to expand yet again