Concerning Ice Prince and his Embattled Lover.

Ice Prince's relationship saga has yet again displayed the problems inherent with celebrity romance and relationships. Especially the ones in the public domain. But then, by the virtue of being a celebrity, everything you do more or less becomes public no matter how hard you try to keep things private.
So, Ice prince's relationship with Maima became public and in a twinkle of an eye, people dug mud and went to town with stories of her past/present. Mixing up everything so badly that one can not possible isolate the facts from the fallacy. But that's none of my business. I am not interested in what is the truth and what is not. I'm only interested in the lessons to be learnt from this saga

  • Ice Prince's Defense and Loyalty: Just like in the Trojan wars when countries went to war for queen Helen of Troy, Ice Prince has shown such ancient loyalty. When an abuse on your woman is an abuse on your honour and integrity. Ice Prince defended his woman and continues to defend her and rightly. It was literally an "us against the world" situation. Which in my opinion is highly commendable. Family must always come first. And no matter what, you must defend their interest in public and leave the bashing for the bedroom.

  • Mr Akin's Shamelessness: While Ice Prince was ready to lock horns with the whole world in defense of his woman, Mr Akin was deliberately and willingly dragging his family's integrity to the mud over some stupid bragging right of bedding and taking care of a girl who is not your wife.  For God's sake, many married men who keep mistresses try to be as discrete as possible to avoid disrespecting their wives and family. But Mr Akin blew the whistle on his own infidelity all in a bid to score some cheap point. Because I honestly do not understand his motive for putting up that picture. Is it to show Ice Prince that his woman was his left over? or He is unhappy the poor girl seems to be happy with Ice Prince? or Is he so Addicted to the girl that he can not afford to let her go? Whatever be the case, all I can say is "What a Man!!!!"

  • Nigerians and Aproko: The way the blogosphere and social media was saturated with this saga makes you wonder if there's a prize for the blogger that digs the biggest mud. This is a private matter for Pete's sake. These celebrities, no matter how much we love them and how much of a public figure they are, they still have their private lives. And Private live should be kept private at all cost.