WIkipedia on the go via whatsapp

The biggest online encyclopedia Wikipedia just added an impressive new functionality to help bring information to the millions of people out there who are seeking information. This new functionality allows users to receive information about any particular topic on as a chat message on their whatsapp. This translate to enhanced Wikipedia access to the four hundred and fifty (450) million users of the mobile messaging app - whatsapp.

So How does this work?

  • Step 1: Save this phone number +91 90434 89211 as wikipedia on your phone
  •  Step 2: Create a new whatsapp group with group members being just yourself and the wikipedia contact you created in step 1
That's all. You are now ready to turn your whatsapp into a mobile wikipedia. To get information on any topic, All you have  to do is type "wiki" before the topic/question and you will get your answer almost immediately.

Pretty interesting huh?