Can Donald trump pull a Leicester in American Politics?

Leicester City Football Club, a modest football club based in Leicester in the East Midlands of England stunned the football world when they won the English Premier League against all odd while English football giants like Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspurs could only watch helplessly. Billionaire Businessman Donald Trump became the presidential candidate for the Republican Party against all odds this July. Can he go all the way and pull a Leicester in American Politics?

Like Leicester, Like Trump?

Regarded as an outsider who didn’t stand a chance when her first declared his intention to run for presidency, Donald J. Trump has seen off seasoned politicians like Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Ted Cruz and technocrats like popular neurosurgeon, Ben Carson to emerge the candidate of the Republican party in an astonishing and controversial manner. Trump Campaign was infamous for his controversial stand on hot issues like Immigration where he threatened to build a wall on the Mexican border and Security where he muted the possibility of a nuclear conflict.

Trump Campaign faced attacks after attacks. Millions of Dollars were spent in Television adverts in a campaign to stop him – The #NeverTrump campaign. He came under attack from within his own party. A huge chunk of his party’s hierarchy threatened to support the opposition than support Trump. They threw in everything in a bid to stop him from winning the Nomination. But the harder they try to stop Trump, the more unstoppable Trump became.

A social media enthusiast, Trump has a huge following on social media especially on Twitter. He is not shy to share his opinion on topical issues with his followers. And he is not afraid to get in the mud with anybody who comes for his head on twitter.

In my opinion, I believe his straight talking nature endeared him to millions of Americans who are tired of the Opaque establishment politics and believes that Trump is different from the others. Trump may have his flaws which includes his lose tongue, his obscene obsession with his net worth and the controversies surrounding his tax declarations. But right now, he is leading the fight against establishment politics and a lot of Americans are lining up behind him.

In the Republican Party convention, the party leadership tried to unite the party behind Donald Trump. Opinion polls shows there have been some successes. But there are still a lot of high profile Republicans who have not endorsed Donald Trump. Notable amongst them are Senator Ted Cruz,  John Kasich – the governor of Ohio, The two Bush Presidents and the Bush family, Mitt Romney – the Republican presidential candidate in 2012.

Hopefully, the party will be more united before the general election in November. But, whatever happens, Donald Trump is expected to put up a strong challenge in the general election and may possibly win. If Donald Trump wins the general election in November, it will be regarded as a political upset in the mold of Leicester’s amazing run to the English Premier League title.